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Accessing NHS Care

In April 2015, changes were made to the way the NHS charges overseas visitors for NHS hospital care. These changes also affect some former residents of the UK. The changes were made so that the NHS does not lose out on income from overseas visitors who may be required to pay for their hospital treatment costs while in England.

As a Trust, we are legally obliged to check whether patients are eligible for free non-emergency NHS treatment. 

In order to do this we will ask all patients the following questions:

Do you have a non-UK EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), PRC (Provisional Replacement Certificate), S1 or S2 form?

If you do, we will need to take a copy and you will need to complete a pre-attendance form.

Download our pre-attendance form

Where have you lived for the past year?

If your answer is a non-UK place then again, you will need to complete a pre-attendance form.

Download our pre-attendance form

We will also need to take some forms of ID. Examples of this may be housing contracts, utility bills, and proof of benefits or employment. These documents must be valid, in your name and include your current address.

If you have been living outside of the UK prior to your registration, other documents will also be required to demonstrate that you have cut ties with your former place of residence and that you are taking up permanent and settled residence in the United Kingdom.

We are legally obliged to charge patients who do not meet the Department of Health criteria for NHS care. For further information please contact our Overseas Visitors Team 01227 783070 or email pamela.woodger@nhs.net.