Your stay in hospital

Safety and well-being

Making your stay with us safe

Please take a look at the short video below which has been put together for patients who are due to stay in hospital. It is based on the concept of the safety advice given on aeroplanes before take off and provides patients with information on how they can stay safe in hospital.

Please also take a look at the Safety Information Card which outlines some simple things you can do whilst in hospital to make your stay safer. Including preventing falls, clots, ulcers and infection and information around medicines and identification.

You can also check the following resources from NHS England for further advice on simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay:

How you can reduce your risk of falling in hospital

Statistically a small but significant proportion of patients do suffer falls in hospital and some will injure themselves as a result. This is thought to be due to the fact that the layout of the ward is unfamiliar and most people are in the hospital because they are unwell.

What can you expect

  • We will ensure a safe environment for you

  • We will assess your mobility needs and refer you to the appropriate professional

  • All staff adhere to Moving and Handling guidance and will use appropriate moving and handling aids, such as hoists, to assist you as required

  • Staff will explain how the equipment works and how they will use the equipment

  • As part of your admission process you have been asked some questions to see how high your risk of falling in hospital is. If you have been assessed as someone who may be at risk of having a fall, we would like to work with you, your relatives and your carers to reduce this risk and prevent a fall happening during your hospital stay and in the future.

How you can help to reduce your risk of a fall

  • Ask for help from the staff

  • Do use your call bell and wait to get assistance if needed 

  • Allow plenty of time to get to the toilet or commode.If you are unsteady, please ask for help and wait for assistance to get off the toilet or commode. Please inform the staff if you need a commode or urinal bottle at night, due to being unsteady or not able or confident to walk alone.

  • Tell a nurse or doctor if you feel faint, dizzy or generally unwell

  • Work with the therapists to improve your strength and balance and perform daily tasks safely

  • Use your own walking stick or frame, ask staff to have it checked by a therapist

  • Always wear well fitting shoes or slippers when walking

  • If you have a hearing aid please ensure you wear it. If it's not working properly, please ask the staff to have it checked

  • If you have spectacles, please ensure you wear them and ask for help to clean them if you need to

  • Please rest when you are tired

  • Always try to eat and drink regularly

  • Inform staff if you see any hazards such as spillages

  • Please put your bedside light on if you need to get up at night

  • Please keep your bed area tidy and free from clutter, if you can.

Helping you feel yourself again

Did you know that staying in bed for too long can lead to your muscles getting weaker, making it harder for you to get around? That's why we're here to help you take simple steps to keep active during your hospital stay. This will help you recover faster and get home sooner. 

When you feel well enough, we'll help you get out of bed if you can, dress yourself if you are able, even go for a walk if you feel up to it. 

It will help you if you have everything you need with you to do things as normally as possible - from reading glasses and a hearing aid if you usually use these, to day clothes to help you feel more yourself while you're on the ward. 

Stop Smoking service

You can find more information on our Stop Smoking service page.