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Council of Governors

Welcome to the Council of Governors webpages.

Please use the links to the left to view information about the role of the Governors, agendas and minutes from our meetings, find out about our Committees and read about past Annual Members' Meetings / Annual General Meetings.

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Election news 

Current Elections

Elections are to be held for the Council of Governors of the East Kent Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust in the Ashford and the Folkestone & Hythe constituencies - one vacancy per constituency.  To nominate yourself to stand in the election please see the details on the Notification of Election - here.  

Governors play an essential role in bringing the voice of the local population to the Trust Board and holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board.  You can find out more about the role by clicking above on 'What do the Council of Governors do?' or call 01233 651891 to discuss with Amanda Bedford, the Governor and Membership Lead.

Autumn Election: Results

Jane Martin and Carl Plummer have been elected as Public Governors representing the Ashford and Folkestone & Hythe Constituencies respectively.  Their terms of office commenced immediately and will end on 28 February 2021.

The following have been elected as Governors with terms of office commencing on 1 March 2020 and ending on 28 February 2023:

Graeme Sergeant - Public Governor, Canterbury

John East - Public Governor, Dover (re-elected)

Rebekah Marks-Hubbard - Public Governor, Fokestone & Hythe - withdrawn, a new election will take place early next year.

Paul Schofield - Public Governor, Thanet

Marcella Warburton - Public Governor Thanet (re-elected)

Julie Pain - Staff Governor

Sally Wilson - Staff Governor


Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone & Hythe, Thanet, Staff.

Notice is hereby given that elections will be held for the Council of Governors for East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust. There will be elections for both Public and Staff Governors.

Download the Notice of Election

Download the Notice of Poll

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, you can find out more from Amanda Bedford, Governor and Membership Lead, on 01233 651891 or via email.

Who are your Governors?

Click on the photos below to find out more about your Governors:

Governor picture placeholder
Jane Martin, Public: Ashford
Junetta Whorwell, Public: Ashford
Junetta Whorwell, Public: Ashford
Alex Lister
Alex Lister, Public: Canterbury
Philip Wells Canterbury Governors 2011
Philip Wells, Public: Canterbury
Sarah Andrews CBE, Public Governor: Dover
Sarah Andrews CBE, Public: Dover
Dover Governor Dr John Read
John East, Governor, Dover

Governor picture placeholder
Carl Plummer, Public: Folkestone and Hythe
John Sewell, Member of the Council of Governors
John Sewell, Public: Folkestone and Hythe
Jenny Chittenden
Jenny Chittenden, Public: Swale
Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers, Public: Swale
Roy Dexter, Public Governor for Thanet
Roy Dexter, Public: Thanet
Marcella Warburton, Public: Thanet
Marcella Warburton, Public: Thanet

Julie Barker
Julie Barker, Rest of England and Wales

Debra Teasdale, Partnership Governor
Debra Towse: Partnership, Universities
Governor picture placeholder
Robert Bayford: Partnership: Local authorities
Nick Wells Governor
Nick Wells, Partnership: Volunteers

David Bogard Staff Governor
David Bogard, Staff
Mandy Carliell Staff Governor
Mandy Carliell, Staff
Sharon Hatfield-Tugwell
Sharon Hatfield-Tugwell, Staff

Contact us

You can contact the council of governors by emailing or by letter to:

The Council of Governors Membership Office 

c/o Chief Executive's Office, Trust Offices
William Harvey Hospital
Kennington Road
TN24 0LZ

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