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Our vision and values

Our vision, mission and values

People feel cared for, safe, respected and confident we are making a difference

Our vision: "Great healthcare from great people" 

Our mission: "Improving health and wellbeing"

Our values

  • People feel cared for as individuals
  • People feel safe, reassured and involved
  • People feel teamwork, trust and respect sit at the heart of everything we do
  • People feel confident we are making a difference

Our strategic objectives (4Ps)


Providing high quality care to patients with great outcomes for their health and lives - getting the basics right every time and building healthcare that is best in class. 


Attracting the best people to our team, who are passionate, motivated and feel able to make a difference and investing in them..


Work in partnerships to design health and social care which transcends the boundaries of organisations and geography.


The provision of high quality care through the use of technology, research, education, innovation and intelligence. 

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