Parking at our hospitals

Pay-on-foot parking

Available at: 


£2.30 for the first hour
20p for every additional 12 minutes after the first hour
Maximum charge of £10 per 24-hour period 
Free for up to 20 minutes. 

Please see below for details on concessions and purchasing a weekly permit.

Motorcycles & mopeds - Free (please use designated motorcycle bays)

How to pay: 

On approaching the entry barrier, press the green button to take a ticket. 

Before returning to your vehicle, you will need to insert the ticket in to one of the Pay Stations which calculates how long you have stayed and how much you need to pay. 

On exiting, insert the ticket into the machine to lift the barrier.

Pay & display parking

Available at: 


 0 - 1 hours £2.00 
 1 - 2 hours £3.00
 2 - 3 hours £4.00
 3 - 4 hours £4.00 
 4 - 5 hours £5.00 
 5 - 6 hours £6.00
 6 - 7 hours £7.00
 7 - 24 hours £8.00

Motorcycles & mopeds - Free
(please use designated motorcycle bays)

Pay and display charges may also be paid by phone via RingGo. Details are posted on pay and display machines. Please note there is an additional 20p charge for using this service and optional fees (10p each) for SMS confirmation/reminder messages.  

Disabled parking, weekly permits and other concessions

Designated bays are provided close to all our hospital entrances for the exclusive use of blue-badge holders at no charge.

Please clearly display the blue-badge in your vehicle at all times.

If you are a blue-badge holder and park in our barrier-controlled parking areas, you must pay the exit fee before leaving the hospital. 

Concessions for Oncology and Renal patients
Oncology and Renal patients who are not blue-badge holders can also benefit from the £6 fortnightly ticket, but only within the barriered car parks. Please ask your treatment team or the on-site parking attendants for further information. 

Weekly parking permits
If you need to visit the hospital several times over an extended period, our £12.00 weekly parking permit can cut the cost of parking in the barriered car parks.

Income from parking

All income from our parking charges, after running costs and car park maintenance and improvements, is reinvested by the Trust into supporting patient care at East Kent Hospitals.
We do not profit share with any 3rd party private operator, although we do use systems and equipment provided by an accredited car park management service provider.

Car park locations and weekly permits

For further information on parking at each of our hospital sites, and how to purchase weekly permits, please choose from the following links:

Please take a couple of minutes to read over our parking rules >