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Please see our Coronavirus advice page for information about what to do if you need to attend hospital for an appointment or a planned operation. 

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Information for patients

We want to do everything we can to make your hospital stay as easy and pleasant as possible. If you have any questions about your hospital stay that are not answered on this website, please do not hesitate to telephone or e-mail us.

For information about getting to our hospitals, please visit our 'find us' pages.

Please be aware that East Kent Hospitals is a smoke-free Trust. This means smoking is not allowed in any hospital buildings or grounds.


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Visitor info

Find useful information for visiting our hospitals in our 'help for visitors' section

A-Z services

Please take a look at our Services section for an A-Z list of our services.

Our hospitals

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Patient information 

Please take a look at our information directory which holds patient information leaflets produced by the Trust along with resources from other NHS bodies and health organisations.

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Your inpatient stay

We want to do all we can to help you feel yourself again. Take a look at what to expect from your stay in hospital.

Staying in bed for too long can lead to your muscles getting weaker, so we're here to help you take simple steps during your hospital stay to get up and about, recover faster and get home sooner. 

Help us protect patients' privacy

We ask all patients and visitors to respect our patients' privacy. Taking photographs of or filming patients is not permitted without the written permission of the Trust.


At East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust we want to take as much care of our visitors as we do of our patients.

If you are visiting a friend or relative at one of our hospitals for the first time:

  • make sure you know the formal name of the person you are visiting
  • find out which ward they are on from their nearest relative, or ask the hospital's main reception
  • find out what times the ward is open to visitors see our list of wards and their visiting hours

Please note: visiting in hospitals is currently restricted. Please see our Coronavirus advice page for more information. 

East Kent Hospitals is a smoke-free Trust. This means that for the good of the health of our patients, visitors and staff, smoking is not allowed in the hospital grounds or buildings.  

Find out more in our 'help for visitors' section

Staying safe in our hospitals

Preventing infection

Please help us by using the hand gel provided outside wards and departments when you enter and leave.

Please see our Coronavirus advice page for more information. 

Better information for better care

Access your GP Record

Your local GP practices are making changes to improve your care by making it possible for the hospital clinicians who are treating you, to view parts of your GP record.

Hospital clinicians will ONLY be allowed to access your GP record if you agree they can.

Find out more about this >

Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard (AIS) is a legal requirement of the Equality Act 2010 and applies to all health and social care organisations.

The standard requires us to identify, record and meet the needs of patients with extra communication needs.

Find out about our commitment to providing accessible information >

Our ratings

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust was inspected by the CQC in May 2018 with a further inspection in October 2018 of our children's services at William Harvey Hospital, Ashford and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

Read about how we have improved and our Trust and Hospital ratings on our CQC Update webpage.


Our values

We care so that:

  • People feel cared for as individuals
  • People feel safe, reassured and involved
  • People feel teamwork, trust and respect sit at the heart of everything we do
  • People feel confident we are making a difference

Read about our vision and mission