Video Outpatient Appointments

We are offering video outpatient appointments to as many patients as possible in order to continue caring for patients whilst maintaining social distancing within our hospitals.

Video appointments are run via Attend Anywhere which is safe, easy and free to use.

Not every patient will be suitable for a video appointment; your healthcare professional will make a decision based on clinical information about you, on whether you are suitable or not for video appointments, e.g. if you need to come to hospital to have tests or be physically assessed.

Join an Attend Anywhere waiting room for your video appointment

Remember, please do not attend hospital if you are showing any symptoms of the coronavirus. You can find more information on the symptoms here.

Benefits of video appointments

Using video calls with patients is something that has been done for many years around the world; it is seen as a safe and effective way to care for patients, who do not need to be physically assessed by their healthcare professional.

Video appointments have many benefits for patients, including removing the need to take the day off from work, travel to hospital, pay for parking and wait in a waiting area for your appointment. Instead, you are able to have your appointment from the comfort of your own home. A friend or family member in another location can join the appointment as your representative by also using the link in your appointment letter, just let your health professional know they are waiting to join you. Your healthcare professional can also share scans and results with you on-screen within the video call.

Our video appointment systems is very secure and has been tested before being used with patients. The security of the systems is supported by ‘end-to-end encryption’ which stops any data being read or secretly modified.

Join an Attend Anywhere waiting room for your video appointment