Maternity services

Maternity Services

Coronavirus update

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we're taking steps to keep you, your baby, family and visitors safe. To keep you informed of any changes to our services during this time, please check our latest information and advice page.

You can also follow our social media channels for up to date information: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic then please download this Financial Help for Families leaflet which outlines how to apply for food/utility vouchers, how to access food banks and where to find community support.

When you find out you are pregnant

If you would like us to provide your care, you can now contact us direct without the need to see your GP. There are many health benefits for you and your baby if you access maternity care as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test.

To book your pregnancy care with us simply complete the online self-referral form giving as much detail as possible. 

Seeing a midwife at an early stage will ensure you are given all the information that you need right from the start to help you make the right choices for you and your baby. There are some routine screening tests that need to be carried out by the tenth week of pregnancy, so an early appointment with a midwife will enable you to discuss these tests and plan appropriately. 

Between 7-9 weeks pregnant you will be contacted by a midwife either by phone, text or email to arrange the booking appointment.  This generally happens over two separate appointments which usually takes place in the 10th week of pregnancy.  At this appointment you will also receive details of your 12-week scan NT screening.

You will also receive an email with details of how to register for the My Own Maternity App (MOMA). The MOMA app is a great source of information for our maternity patients and those close to them. It contains general pregnancy information, a personal appointments calendar, the trust’s maternity leaflets and useful contact numbers.

During your pregnancy

During your pregnancy our midwives will look after you with regular checkups at home, in children’s centres, birth centres, community hospitals, your doctor’s surgery and even at Sainsbury’s (Margate only).

You will be offered ultrasound scans and blood tests at specific points during your pregnancy to check your health and that of your baby.

We provide other outpatient hospital services for pregnant women, including early pregnancy assessment units, blood tests, fetal medicine units, maternity day care facilities and consultant led antenatal clinics.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you will be offered antenatal parent education classes.

Giving birth

Find out more about giving birth in our hospitals in our 'Delivery' section

After giving birth

Find out more about feeding your baby and how we can help you

Homebirth service

Our maternity service is currently experiencing staff shortages, and so we have had to take the difficult decision to suspend the home births service, to ensure the safety of women and babies. We apologise to all women and families who have planned a home birth.

If you are expecting your baby soon, we will do all we can to give you a positive birth experience in our hospitals. Please talk with your midwife about your options, or visit our website for more information.

If you are earlier on in your pregnancy, your midwife will keep you informed about the service and whether you should make alternative plans.

For more information

Bump, birth and beyond

Bump, Birth and Beyond is the Local Maternity System website - your guide to maternity services and options across Kent and Medway. It was created with women and expectant families from Kent and Medway. Your maternity care is safest when you understand your choices and can make the right decisions for you and your baby. Bump, birth and beyond gives local, trusted information.