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Trauma & Orthopaedics – Major Revision Centre (MRC)

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What we do

East Kent Hospitals' major revision centre treats and supports people requiring knee revision surgery.

If you require revision surgery, we will offer you treatment, support and follow-up care. You will be assigned to our revision Nurse Specialist who will be your point of contact for help and support.

We care for patients across the south east of England and are part of a network which consists of multiple revision units up and down the country. We also offer advice and support to other hospital trusts. 

About your appointment

You may require a face to face appointment at our multi-disciplinary team (MDT) clinic. If you are invited to an appointment please ensure you attend. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your diagnostic findings and agree a treatment plan with the consultant team. 

If you require revision surgery, we will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Where to find us

All knee revision surgery takes place in our dedicated Elective Orthopaedic Centre at:

How to use this service

You need to be referred to us by your GP or current Orthopaedic Consultant for review. If you are worried about your knee replacement, please see your GP.

We see all patients referred to us within a maximum of 18 weeks of receiving the referral.

If you are a GP or health professional, see our referral information for how to refer to us.