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Maxillo-facial (face)

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What we do

Our maxillo-facial department diagnoses and treats problems with the mouth, jaws, face and neck. It is sometimes called maxfax.

We provide:

  • oral and maxillo-facial surgery, such as cancer surgery and reconstructions

  • oral surgery, including tooth extractions

  • orthodontics to improve the appearance and alignment of teeth and correct problems with bite

  • restorative dentistry, for diagnosis and management of diseases in the oral cavity

We regularly work in joint clinics with specialists from other teams, including Ear Nose and Throat, Ophthalmology, Oncology and Dermatology.

How to find us

Most of our inpatient care and outpatient clinics are based at the Maxillo-facial Unit at William Harvey Hospital.

We also have clinics at the Kent and Canterbury hospital, Buckland hospital and the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother hospital.

How to use this service

Your GP, dentist and other hospital specialties can refer you to this service.