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Pain Services (Chronic Pain)

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Kent Centre for Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation:


What we do

Our pain service deals with all forms of chronic pain and we help patients to manage their pain in a variety of ways. We will recommend a treatment plan to suit your needs, and support you in your treatment. We may not always be able to offer you a cure for your pain, but we will help you to manage it to improve your quality of life.

We also have links to the Community Chronic Pain Service run by Kent Community Health Trust. This ensures continuity of care for patients who are referred between the services.

We also have an established spinal cord stimulation and neuromodulation service.

About your appointment

You may need to attend hospital for your appointment. Sometimes,  your initial consultation may take place virtually, via a video link. Alternatively, you may have a telephone consultation.

How do you use this service?

Patients are referred to the service via their GP or hospital specialist, or other health care professional.

We aim to see all patients referred to us within 18 weeks of receiving the referral.