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Renal Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a type of dialysis treatment which can be perform at home by the patient following training from Home Dialysis nurses.

A plastic tube, called a tenchkoff catheter, is placed into your abdomen to allow dialysis fluid to be drained in and out of your peritoneal cavity. Peritoneal Dialysis is a daily treatment.

Contact us

Telephone: 01227 864011

Home Dialysis Unit, Renal Department, Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What we do

We support patients to undertake peritoneal dialysis at home. All training for this is done in the patient’s home over two days.

About your appointment

The peritoneal nurses are based at Kent and Canterbury Hospital so it is necessary to be seen here if there are any problems with your dialysis. At the appointment, your weight, blood pressure and routine bloods are taken.

Where do we provide this service?

  • In the patient’s home

  • Kent and Canterbury hospital, in nurse led clinics

How do you use this service?

You will have regular consultant clinics either at Canterbury or a satellite clinic at Margate, Maidstone or Ashford depending on where you live.

You will initially be seen in nurse led clinics at Canterbury after the peritoneal catheter has been inserted and for any dialysis issues. The appointments are weekly to start with but this will decrease over time.