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Kent and Canterbury Hospital

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What we do

Our stroke service offers investigation, management and rehabilitation services for patients who have had strokes.

A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

Learn more about strokes on the NHS website

Our service includes:

  • 24-hour thrombolysis service for all patients admitted with a suspected stroke

  • rapid access clinic for patients who have suffered a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA or mini-stroke) or minor stroke

  • same day MRI and CEMRA (Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography) for suitable TIA patients

  • access to specialist treatment, including the vascular team in Canterbury, neurosurgery and mechanical thrombectomy in London


If you or someone else is having a stroke, call 999 immediately

The quicker someone who has had a stroke is diagnosed and treated, the better chance they have of recovering. If you suspect you or someone else is having a stroke, phone 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance.

Symptoms of a stroke

What to expect

The injury to the brain caused by a stroke can lead to widespread and long-lasting problems.

Although some people may recover quickly, many people who have a stroke need long-term support to help them regain as much independence as possible.

During your treatment, you may be seen by different healthcare professionals. These could be:

  • occupational therapists to assess and support you with your daily living activities

  • physiotherapists to support you with movement, sensation and balance

  • speech and language therapists to help with communication and difficulties with swallowing

  • dieticians to explain how food can help after a stroke and assess nutritional/feeding requirements

  • clinical neuropsychologists to support you with thinking, emotions or behaviour problems after a stroke or other neurological condition

  • stroke liaison sisters to provide support and advice for you and your loved ones with your diagnosis and care needs, while in hospital

  • care navigators to advise on services to provide personal care, domestic help, respite care, meal services and benefits.

How to find us

Our services are available at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.