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What services are currently available?

  • Preferencing – tell us if you would like to receive your letters digitally or by post, and whether you want your posted letters to be in Easy Read, Braille or Large Font

  • Letters – you can view letters online along with any attachments (where appropriate). This function is only available for some services at the moment, so you may not see all your letters here yet

  • Appointments – view your upcoming appointments. You will be able to see the date and time, location and whether the appointment is face to face, telephone or virtual.

As the service expands it will be able to offer additional features and information.

Who can use the Patient Portal?

Patients must be over 16 years of age to access our patient portal. Under some circumstances, the Trust may be able to grant access to those under the age of 16.


A rolling programme of letters and information will be available, starting with appointment letters for most specialities. In time, other specialities and types of correspondence, including clinic letters and also the facility to see/cancel appointments will also be available.

Please note you won't receive your chosen format of letters until your speciality is live.

If you do sign up to receive letters digitally, you will receive an e-mail when your first letter is available. If you choose not to sign up, or sign up at a later date, all letters will continue to be sent in the mail as at present.


The appointments portal will allow you to view any of your upcoming appointments, plus specific details about it. These details will include:

  • Date and time

  • Location

  • Named clinician (only for specific clinics).

In future, you will be able to request to rebook or cancel your appointment.