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Cancer services

Images of cancer services across East Kent Hospitals
This section of our website outlines the range of cancer services offered across our hospitals. Click the headings below for more information.

Bowel cancer services

Information about our services for cancer of the anus, rectum, bowel and colon.


Chemotherapy and supportive treatments are provided for oncology, haematology and some non-cancer patients. There are specialist units at each of the three acute inpatient hospitals.


Talking to a trained counsellor who is not personally involved can give us the space we need to untangle thoughts, feelings and ideas, and you can turn to us at any stage; after diagnosis, during treatment, or even after treatment has finished.


Information about our Haematology clinics.

Head, Neck and Thyroid Cancer Services

Information about our services for Head, Neck and Thyroid cancer.

Palliative care

With our expertise in symptom control, we can suggest ways to help alleviate symptoms, such as pain or vomiting and bring about a sense of relief as specialist advisors.

Radiotherapy services

Radiotherapy is provided by the Kent Oncology Centre (KOC) at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury.

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